Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Melbourne 2011

From the Fire- Christine Atkins 2011
Hi all, I am finally back from Melbourne and have so much to share.  While sales at the show were slow I meet some wonderful people and sold one of my pieces to a hospital art collection.  From the fire will be going to a new mental health hospital in the Dandenongs in Victoria.   This piece was created after the horrific bush fires in Victoria and our own bush fire in Toodjay in Western Australia which also destroyed many homes two years ago.   This piece shows the resilience of humans and of our native plants.  The blackened seed pods represent how our bush needs fire to regenerate, for seeds to grow and sprout and how from this destruction came many stories of hope, heroism and resilience both human and animal.  The resilience shown by the people affected by these fires was amazing and still ongoing today.  I feel that their stories and sense of community hold many lessons for us to learn from. 

As well as my piece going to a place of healing I also met some amazingly talented people and I thought I would introduce you to some of the people I shared my row with.

Oodlies   are a range of fantastically quirky characters created by Joi Murugavell.  Joi and her husband Casper are amazing people.  I am blown away by the following they have created in one short year.  As well as her prints Joi had some hand drawn chairs and shoes at the show.  They were great fun and I loved meeting them both.  Jo's pieces are inspired by some interesting people and experiences.  Go here to read more about the inspiration for image above.  The Cycle of Waking Up.

Sarah Gully- Art Melbourne 2011
Sarah Gully had a range of her miniature oil paintings, acrylic paintings on found board, and water colour pencil drawings.  Sarah's art has a quirky sense of fun and adventure.  Her pieces had great titles, I just wish I could remember what they were to share with you....... 

Sarah Gully - Art Melbourne 2011

Sarah Gully- Art Melbourne 2011
I will post some more finds soon.........