Friday, December 16, 2011

Townsville - Fibre Arts Australia 2011

Time has flown by since I went to Townsville to teach this year.  I wanted to show you some of the work that was produced from the other workshops.    Those of you that know me, you will know that I frequently visited the other classrooms and made a pest of myself with the other tutors.

But first this is a picture from the day I spent with Glenys Mann who is the instigator of many of these fibre events around Australia, Pamela Croft and Joss.  We had a fantastic day over at Magnetic island and after the loss of a very dear friend of mine it was nice to spend some time with some lovely women and laugh.

John Garrett is a fibre artist and most definitely a sculptor of textiles.  John's work is mind blowing and John himself was allot of fun to spend time with during the week.  I think he may have got a little tired of me living in his classroom though.  Next time John is in Australia teaching I am definitely going along.  Not only is John's work amazing, the works produced by the students were fantastic.  Here is a little glimpse.  I could only remember a few names so if I am showing your work please let me know and I will add your name in.

These two baskets are by Warren Virgen

The talented Warren is going to be my studio tradee for Ballarat 2012.  So watch out everyone we will be having a great time.  Can you come to New Norcia as well Warren?

This gorgeous creation is by Barbara Neuohoffer. 

Barbara and her husband Bob were so nice and helpful to me in Townsville.  They chauffeured and tour guided me around EVERYWHERE.  Barbara is a great artist herself and has been making these drawings a day of an apple for a year. They will be exhibited next year in Townsville.  Her eye for detail and design was beautiful.  I look forward to purchasing one when they go on sale.   

Dr. Pamela Croft


Textured - A visual narrative

Mmmm, where to start with Pamela Croft. She is amazing. A beautiful warm person, wise and a wicked sense of humour. Her students again produced some fantastic pieces which if I was not in Western Australia with our incredibly strict quarantine, I would have loved to have bought one of the boats that Pam and her students made during the week.

(Carol- found any more seed pods yet and remember I know where your sister lives.) 


I get the sense that Cherilyn class were worked off their little feet and Cherilyn stood over them with a whip.  The amount of work they produced and techniques covered was enormous.  Cherilyn is not really that scary either, she is a beautiful lady, who always asked after me while I had the flu at Townsville.  I look forward to spending more time with Cherilyn in the future.

These last few pictures are of some flowers I came across on one of my early morning adventures.  I am going to try to sculpt one in wax........... one day.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pewter Casting Workshop 2012

First I wanted to say a very big thank you for all the lovely comments here and on facebook from those that have taken a workshop with me before in response to my Art & Soul Giveaway.

Those comments have given me a nice "kick up the b@m" to arrange more Perth workshops.  I am looking to schedule a pewter casting workshop for the end of Jan, early Feb 2012.  Those of you that are interested can you let me know if you prefer a Friday or Saturday class.

More details when I have a preferred day. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Giveaway- Art & Soul Virginia 2012

I realise that I am unknown to most people so I thought I would offer a gift to two people who are willing to take a chance and enrol in one of my classes at Art and Soul in Virginia as a thank you.
One person from my Capture my heart workshop and one person from No solder etched shadow box will receive one of my signature heart necklaces.  ( Similar to this one).

Living in Western Australia (the most isolated capital city in the world)   I assume that everyone else has better access to supplies and tools than I do.  I have since discovered that this is not always the case.  So I have adjusted my supply list for my classes to make it easier for those of you who would like to attend the workshop, but could not access the required tools.  See below for the revised materials list.  Don't be put off by the optional list as it is just that, optional.  If you have the tools and want to bring them great, if not we will make do without them. 

Capture my heart
Thursday March 1st

Kit Fee $20: Includes,  Sheet metal, wire, silver wire, hand cast bronze twig, neoprene, tubing, bronze clasps and other surprises.


·       Small riveting hammer or small ball peen hammer ,  either will do
·       Safety glasses
·       Precious object/ objects /focal bead to place inside your cage. 
·       Beads for decoration
·       Long bead or focal piece to decorate the bottom of your cage. 


If you have some of these tools bring them but they are not essential.

·       Jewellers saw
·       Centre punch
·       Drill- battery – if you have one
·       Table vice.  Large and heavy is better
·       Hand held vice.  Can often be found in antique shops.
·      Metal Bench block.  Only bring if your table vice does not have one attached.
·       Jewellery Bench pin- if you have one. 
·       Round nose pliers
·       Needle nose pliers
·       Flush cutters
·       Metal scribe
·       Metal file- small
·       Sharpie – fine
·       Tube cutting jig if you have one- for small tubing
·       Small letter stamping set
No Solder Etched Shadow Box
Friday 2nd March

In this workshop you will learn several ways to create an etched wearable shadow box or slider charm, with no soldering. Learn different ways to fasten your box to hold your precious object safe. This can be adapted for pendants, miniature sculptures and bracelets. Highlight the beauty of your shadow box with a professional buffed surface or a lovely soft satin.


Kit Fee $15: Includes,  Sheet metal, wire, metal strips, neoprene, tubing, bronze clasps, precut bezels and other surprises.


• Flat nosed pliers
• Safety glasses
• Riveting hammer or ball peen
• Charms, interesting decorative beads, buttons, and small bits and pieces


If you have some of these tools bring them but they are not essential.

• Tube cutting jig- jeweller’s tool – for small tubing.
• bracelet mandrel
• Small jewellery anvil
• Metal Bench block.
• Flush cutters- important must be flush cut
• Round nose pliers
• Battery Drill
• Jewellers Saw
• Jewellers Bench Pin
• Hand vice
• Rubber stamps- include texture and pattern stamps.
• Staz on stamp pad- black
• Black sharpie pen- medium tip is fine.

Please feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modern Relics - Townsville 2011

A few weeks ago I spent a week teaching in Townsville, Queensland. I had an amazing week, with a class of fun and really talented students.

I have never travelled with so much luggage before.  I think I spent the whole time apologising to everyone who had to handle it.  I am much more of a one bag kind of girl.

Here are some photos of some of the work from the class.  Hopefully I have matched the right person's name to the right work.  If I have made a mistake please let me know.

Christina Bahrdt
Christina was my partner in crime all week and kept me sane with early morning trips for good coffee and seed pods.  Thanks Christina.  Have a look at more of Christina's work at Studio Indigo

Lyn was a Townsville local and it was a joy having her in the class. My favorite pieces of hers was this cast silver pendant.
Wendy travelled down from Cairns or the tablelands (sorry Wendy can"t remember which)  I seem to remember her and Kes having a fun adventure on our half day.

Jan was another local and another lovely person who took myself and Pam Croft out for an afternoon of fun and seed pod collecting.
Kes is a jeweller in her own right and once I got over my nerves of having someone in the room who knew how things should be done, not how I do them, she was great value. 



Linda and Gitte made the trip from Brisbane and again created some gorgeous work during the week.


Joan- What can I say about Joan.......  Joan created some absolutely gorgeous pieces during the week but I did not get a chance to get a photo of her pieces.  (Joan, you thought you got away with it)

 And saving for last Estelle.  Estelle and her husband Warren drove from Darwin to Townsville.  I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed their company.  I will show you some of Warrens work later.  I will not be able to show you his amazing t-shirt basket as I am not sure if you are allowed to have an x rated images on blogs so you will just have to use your imagination.

Thanks everyone for such a great week I had a wonderful time with my students and the other amazing tutors who I will talk about next time. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jewelry Workshops - USA March 2012

Art and Soul Viginia 2012

Wow one of my best artist buddies ( aka Jen Crossley)  and I are off to the US next year to teach some jewelry workshops.

I will be teaching some one day classes
and Jen and I are teaching our masterclass Found, Etched and Connected.  This is such a fun and technique packed class, that involves no glue so your jewelry will last forever.

Jen is also teaching some one day and evening workshops so be sure to check out her classes.  She is an amazing teacher and alot of fun as well.

I am really looking forward to this adventure and also excited about making some new American friends. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

InTension- Fibre Exhibition

Finding Home - Christine Atkins 180 x 104 x 24cm

Last Sunday I helped man the WAFTA exhibition at the Moores Building in Fremantle. 

The exhibition was themed around architecture,  black and white and bold colours.  As you could imagine it could be extremely difficult to curate a show with so many diverse artists, but WAFTA did a wonderful job of pulling together a interesting and cohesive exhibition.

Unfortunately photos were not allowed so I can not show you any of the works except mine.  The hanging of the exhibition was really well done and interesting, with a 2D and 3D section.  All the 2D panels were mounted on bamboo sticks and hung as if they were floating in space.  Hard to explain without photos.  I took some time to stand in the middle of the space and the effect was very interesting.  Upstairs were the 3D works, which of course are always my favorites.  There were a group of felted and patch worked dogs that were great fun with each one having its own unique character, by Karen Cameron.  As I was downstairs for most of the time I did not get the chance to study the amazing pieces in as much detail as I would have liked.  I am hoping that I will get a chance to go and have another look before the exhibition closes.

PS:  there is a nice coffeeshop inside the building for coffee after visiting the exhibition. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reliquaries and Shrine Workshops 2012

The problem with not posting on your blog like a good little blogger is that all of a sudden you have so much to share it is overwhelming.

Fibre Arts Australia has arranged two fantastic events for 2012 which I will be teaching at. 

For both events I will be teaching my Reliquaries & Shrines Workshop

Fibre arts do such a fantastic job of the week with all meals and accommodation provided with tutor slide shows each night so you get to view all the tutors works.  Check out some of the other tutors as well.   So hard to choose which class to do sometimes. 

I have made some fantastic and lifelong friends from these weeks and it is absolute heaven to have everything provided for you, so it is a week of total art indulgence. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Melbourne 2011

From the Fire- Christine Atkins 2011
Hi all, I am finally back from Melbourne and have so much to share.  While sales at the show were slow I meet some wonderful people and sold one of my pieces to a hospital art collection.  From the fire will be going to a new mental health hospital in the Dandenongs in Victoria.   This piece was created after the horrific bush fires in Victoria and our own bush fire in Toodjay in Western Australia which also destroyed many homes two years ago.   This piece shows the resilience of humans and of our native plants.  The blackened seed pods represent how our bush needs fire to regenerate, for seeds to grow and sprout and how from this destruction came many stories of hope, heroism and resilience both human and animal.  The resilience shown by the people affected by these fires was amazing and still ongoing today.  I feel that their stories and sense of community hold many lessons for us to learn from. 

As well as my piece going to a place of healing I also met some amazingly talented people and I thought I would introduce you to some of the people I shared my row with.

Oodlies   are a range of fantastically quirky characters created by Joi Murugavell.  Joi and her husband Casper are amazing people.  I am blown away by the following they have created in one short year.  As well as her prints Joi had some hand drawn chairs and shoes at the show.  They were great fun and I loved meeting them both.  Jo's pieces are inspired by some interesting people and experiences.  Go here to read more about the inspiration for image above.  The Cycle of Waking Up.

Sarah Gully- Art Melbourne 2011
Sarah Gully had a range of her miniature oil paintings, acrylic paintings on found board, and water colour pencil drawings.  Sarah's art has a quirky sense of fun and adventure.  Her pieces had great titles, I just wish I could remember what they were to share with you....... 

Sarah Gully - Art Melbourne 2011

Sarah Gully- Art Melbourne 2011
I will post some more finds soon......... 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ceramic stories- Kathy Ruttenberg

Grounded        32”x56.5”x26”      ceramic-2009
I have been so caught up with getting every thing ready for Melbourne I have not had much time to look for  new works to share with you, however I came across Kathy Ruttneberg's work this week and could not wait to share it with you.

Kathy works in ceramics, watercolours and etching, but my love of sculpture has won out here and I am extremely taken with her ceramic pieces.  I am amazed at how much imagery can be put into one piece and how rich each one is.  I would love to sit and listen to Kathy as she told the stories contained within each piece. 

Role Reversal     26”x23”x18”       ceramic-2010

Tree Hugger   92”x35”x40”  ceramic, bronze, wood-2010

Be sure to also check Kathy's work displayed in Macys window.  It helps us to see the scale of these wonderful pieces.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art Melbourne Ticket Giveaway

If you are going to be in Melbourne from the 19-22nd of May and would like to come to Art Melbourne I have tickets to giveaway for the opening night, Friday and weekend. Included in each giveaway is for entry for two.

If you would like tickets email me your address and which day you would like to attend. Please include two preferences incase your first choice is taken

Opening night- Thursday 19th of May 5 -9pm
Friday     20th of May    12 -9pm
Saturday 21st of May    10 -5pm
Sunday   22nd of May   10 -5pm

PS:  Make sure you come by and say hello.  I will be at Stand S22.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Learning Curves

Wow what a few weeks of trials and learning's.

First lesson- Patience.

Second lesson - What can go wrong, will go wrong

Third lesson - Having a tooth pulled out hurts (alot) and no they do not let you keep your tooth

Crating artworks for Art Melbourne
The universe works in mysterious ways.  Why is it that when you are really busy and have alot on with deadlines looming things go wrong.  First a week of being sick, then a week of trips to the dentist with a bad tooth and lastly needing to uncrate all my crated artwork and reshoot the photos.

Lighting is not right.

I have experienced a large learning curve over the last few weeks on how to and how not to photograph artwork.  I quite openly declare that anything to do with photography means my mind automatically shuts down. However one part of being an artist means the documentation and promotion of your work and if you are like me there is no money in the current budget for a professional photographer so it is DIY.  

So two weeks later, one new camera, new lens and new studio lights and I have photos.  I now slightly understand aperture, ISO, white balance,exposure and the importance of getting the lighting correct.    One book I found helpful was Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectibles: Take Great Digital Photos for Portfolios, Documentation, or Selling on the Web by Steve Meltzer

PS I forgot to mention if you decide to photograph your own work look forward to some (alot of ) trial and error. Apparently practice does make perfect. 

My next learning curve ....... how to design promotional materials or find a graphic artist who is willing to help me.  Any offers?