Friday, December 16, 2011

Townsville - Fibre Arts Australia 2011

Time has flown by since I went to Townsville to teach this year.  I wanted to show you some of the work that was produced from the other workshops.    Those of you that know me, you will know that I frequently visited the other classrooms and made a pest of myself with the other tutors.

But first this is a picture from the day I spent with Glenys Mann who is the instigator of many of these fibre events around Australia, Pamela Croft and Joss.  We had a fantastic day over at Magnetic island and after the loss of a very dear friend of mine it was nice to spend some time with some lovely women and laugh.

John Garrett is a fibre artist and most definitely a sculptor of textiles.  John's work is mind blowing and John himself was allot of fun to spend time with during the week.  I think he may have got a little tired of me living in his classroom though.  Next time John is in Australia teaching I am definitely going along.  Not only is John's work amazing, the works produced by the students were fantastic.  Here is a little glimpse.  I could only remember a few names so if I am showing your work please let me know and I will add your name in.

These two baskets are by Warren Virgen

The talented Warren is going to be my studio tradee for Ballarat 2012.  So watch out everyone we will be having a great time.  Can you come to New Norcia as well Warren?

This gorgeous creation is by Barbara Neuohoffer. 

Barbara and her husband Bob were so nice and helpful to me in Townsville.  They chauffeured and tour guided me around EVERYWHERE.  Barbara is a great artist herself and has been making these drawings a day of an apple for a year. They will be exhibited next year in Townsville.  Her eye for detail and design was beautiful.  I look forward to purchasing one when they go on sale.   

Dr. Pamela Croft


Textured - A visual narrative

Mmmm, where to start with Pamela Croft. She is amazing. A beautiful warm person, wise and a wicked sense of humour. Her students again produced some fantastic pieces which if I was not in Western Australia with our incredibly strict quarantine, I would have loved to have bought one of the boats that Pam and her students made during the week.

(Carol- found any more seed pods yet and remember I know where your sister lives.) 


I get the sense that Cherilyn class were worked off their little feet and Cherilyn stood over them with a whip.  The amount of work they produced and techniques covered was enormous.  Cherilyn is not really that scary either, she is a beautiful lady, who always asked after me while I had the flu at Townsville.  I look forward to spending more time with Cherilyn in the future.

These last few pictures are of some flowers I came across on one of my early morning adventures.  I am going to try to sculpt one in wax........... one day.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pewter Casting Workshop 2012

First I wanted to say a very big thank you for all the lovely comments here and on facebook from those that have taken a workshop with me before in response to my Art & Soul Giveaway.

Those comments have given me a nice "kick up the b@m" to arrange more Perth workshops.  I am looking to schedule a pewter casting workshop for the end of Jan, early Feb 2012.  Those of you that are interested can you let me know if you prefer a Friday or Saturday class.

More details when I have a preferred day. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Giveaway- Art & Soul Virginia 2012

I realise that I am unknown to most people so I thought I would offer a gift to two people who are willing to take a chance and enrol in one of my classes at Art and Soul in Virginia as a thank you.
One person from my Capture my heart workshop and one person from No solder etched shadow box will receive one of my signature heart necklaces.  ( Similar to this one).

Living in Western Australia (the most isolated capital city in the world)   I assume that everyone else has better access to supplies and tools than I do.  I have since discovered that this is not always the case.  So I have adjusted my supply list for my classes to make it easier for those of you who would like to attend the workshop, but could not access the required tools.  See below for the revised materials list.  Don't be put off by the optional list as it is just that, optional.  If you have the tools and want to bring them great, if not we will make do without them. 

Capture my heart
Thursday March 1st

Kit Fee $20: Includes,  Sheet metal, wire, silver wire, hand cast bronze twig, neoprene, tubing, bronze clasps and other surprises.


·       Small riveting hammer or small ball peen hammer ,  either will do
·       Safety glasses
·       Precious object/ objects /focal bead to place inside your cage. 
·       Beads for decoration
·       Long bead or focal piece to decorate the bottom of your cage. 


If you have some of these tools bring them but they are not essential.

·       Jewellers saw
·       Centre punch
·       Drill- battery – if you have one
·       Table vice.  Large and heavy is better
·       Hand held vice.  Can often be found in antique shops.
·      Metal Bench block.  Only bring if your table vice does not have one attached.
·       Jewellery Bench pin- if you have one. 
·       Round nose pliers
·       Needle nose pliers
·       Flush cutters
·       Metal scribe
·       Metal file- small
·       Sharpie – fine
·       Tube cutting jig if you have one- for small tubing
·       Small letter stamping set
No Solder Etched Shadow Box
Friday 2nd March

In this workshop you will learn several ways to create an etched wearable shadow box or slider charm, with no soldering. Learn different ways to fasten your box to hold your precious object safe. This can be adapted for pendants, miniature sculptures and bracelets. Highlight the beauty of your shadow box with a professional buffed surface or a lovely soft satin.


Kit Fee $15: Includes,  Sheet metal, wire, metal strips, neoprene, tubing, bronze clasps, precut bezels and other surprises.


• Flat nosed pliers
• Safety glasses
• Riveting hammer or ball peen
• Charms, interesting decorative beads, buttons, and small bits and pieces


If you have some of these tools bring them but they are not essential.

• Tube cutting jig- jeweller’s tool – for small tubing.
• bracelet mandrel
• Small jewellery anvil
• Metal Bench block.
• Flush cutters- important must be flush cut
• Round nose pliers
• Battery Drill
• Jewellers Saw
• Jewellers Bench Pin
• Hand vice
• Rubber stamps- include texture and pattern stamps.
• Staz on stamp pad- black
• Black sharpie pen- medium tip is fine.

Please feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.