Friday, February 25, 2011

China's Entombed Warriors

I am just back from a few days in Sydney and while I was there I managed to sneak in a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW to see China’s entombed warriors.

The First Emperor: China’s entombed warriors reveals the fascinating story of a key figure in world history, who unified China, leaving a legacy that has lasted over 2000 years, Qin Shibuang.

As well as the amazing terracotta warriors on display there was a range of cast bronze ceremonial vessels and bells, ornamental gold and jade, weapons and armour, palatial architectural remains, pottery and ceramics.

In the last room of the exhibition were some life-size bronze animals, just recently discovered. 

All of the pieces including the entombed warriors were truly fascinating, the amount of intricate details were amazing.  I would love to see how the cast vessels were made with such detail and fine lines.  The terracotta warriors display included two horses with all pieces being life sized or larger.  Again the attention to detail and the craftsmanship was amazing. 

Even if ancient art is not your taste it is worth a visit just to admire the amazing craftsmanship with which all of the pieces are executed.

The exhibition runs until the 13th of March, 2011.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tim Tate- Extraordinary Glass Work

The Apothecarium Moderne

I am always drawn to art that contains stories and history.  Tim Tate combines rich narratives with the skills and talent to produce incredibly strong works.  Looking at Tim's website he calls himself a mixed media sculptor, but it is his glass work that draws me in.  He is the Co-founder, Creative Director and Marketing Director of the Washington Glass Studio



Concrete Heart


Friday, February 11, 2011

Elsa Mora

Part of the purpose of this blog is to introduce you to other artists, Australian and international who you may or may not have come across before.  Even though we may practice one form of art ourselves our inspiration comes from many diverse places.

Today I would like to introduce you to Elsa Mora

Her work is filled with fairy tales and stories that I imagine are not always rosy tales of love.  I am espeically taken with her paper cuts which are incredibly detailed and very time consuming.  I find it difficult to imagine the control she possesses to make such intricate works.  Like her papercuts her drawings are quirky, yet very narrative.  With Elsa's work my mind travels to far off places filled with talking animals and intriquing adventures. 

You can also visit her Etsy shop for prints of some of her works.  Elsita Etsy Shop

This last one is one of my favorites. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Storia- Merchants of Wares and Stories

Today I thought I would tell you the story about one of the stockists of my jewelry.  Storia in Guildford is filled with hand- picked eco-conscious artisan products.  With the focus on sustainability Storia, carefully researches and sources its products from ethical producers.  Annah (the gorgeous owner) stocks many West Australian and Australian designers, with a few carefully chosen international creators mixed in for the WOW factor.

What I love about the store is that I can shop there knowing I am supporting individual artisans and ethical manufacturers and I get something unique and one-off.  Storia stocks clothing for women, men and children as well as jewelry and other hand made products.

If you are looking for something special for yourself , a gift or you are just window shopping definitely drop in to the store.  You can then continue shopping in Guildford, which has some new shops, fantastic antique stores and cafes. 

Storia- 1/151 James St Guildford  Open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm  Saturday- Sunday 10am - 4pm