Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nature's Photographer- Daniel Sroka

Sting - An abstract macro photograph of the seed pod from a mesquite tree.

I recently came across Daniel Sroka's work and was instantly attracted to his process.  He takes the often overlooked beauty in nature and makes it large and in your face, so there is little chance you can miss it.

"I work like a sculptor who lets the flaws and veins of a stone guide his chisel. As I explore each object, I let its unique characteristics guide my hand and eye, allowing me to discover patterns and forms hidden within the material." Daniel Sroka
Heliotrope II - An abstract macro photograph of a dried desert marigold.
The results are simple, striking and incredibly powerful photographs "of light, texture, and dimension that celebrate the physical and spiritual grace that can be found within the simplest elements of nature"

To see more of Daniel Sroka's work visit his website and blog

Like many artists Daniel also has another business producing Ketubah's
"A ketubah is a work of art that uses images and words to express the love and commitment of your marriage vows. While the ketubah has its roots in the Jewish wedding tradition, its beauty has become embraced by couples from all different religions and cultures. It is signed by the bride and groom in a special ceremony at the wedding, publicly declaring their commitment and love, and symbolizing the traditional start of their married life. After the wedding, the ketubah is usually hung in a place of honor in the home, and serves as a daily reminder of the vows they have made to each other on their wedding".

If you are interested in your own ketubah go to Daniel's other site for a look.  Modern ketubah